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I’m Tif, a designer with a love for branding, web, illustration and motion animation. I am currently working as a designer in the creativity department at Bell Media / Astral in Montreal, and looking for a creative position with people who are passionate about good design.

I really believe in the collaborative process and although I'm pretty autonomous, the kind of job I'm looking for would be as part of a team. I think that the best results come from having a few different perspectives in order to etch out the best solution. And ideally, I would really like to build something great and have fun together while doing it.

If you would like to see more examples of work I've done, please check out my portfolio site gentlebull.com

Work Experience

Bell Media

Project Manager, Creativity

Oct 2014 - Present

Bell Media Logo

I work on the creativity team at Bell Media's Astral Out of Home division with a bunch of really great people. We do a lot of mock ups proposing ideas to clients and agencies to show them all the amazing things they can do in our media spaces. My primary role is to be the guardian of the brand and to create web, video and print materials that promote the company, the creative department and that keep a consistent visual language.

Key contributions:

  • Conceptualizing creative advertising campaigns
  • Creating both interactive and static mockups to visualize creative advertising strategies
  • Television interface design
  • Re-design and maintenance of the Astral Studio website (we are in the process of overhauling the whole site as we speak), and landing pages
  • Video animation and photography.

Gentle Bull (Freelance)

Owner, operator, designer, administrator

Aug 2013 - Oct 2014

Online Portfolio home page image

I went freelance for a year doing design work for a number of great clients until I was scooped up by Bell Media.

Key contributions:

  • Web design
  • Photography
  • Book layout and front cover design
  • Logo design + branding
  • Motion animation and design for videos

Clients included: Wilburforce Studios, Klynn Business Consulting, Origamilitantisme, Osiris Ramos (author)

Zoom Media

Digital Graphic Designer

Nov 2011 - Aug 2013

Example of the Zoom Media Website

Zoom is a fitness media company now, but back in my days with the company they had a lot of divisions. My official title was digital designer so I basically took care of everything that wasn't print related. It's where I developed my motion design skills, creating promotional videos of our best campaigns and nurtured my growing love for web design when I was the lead designer on the website re-design.

Key contributions:

  • Motion animation and design for videos
  • Design of company site
  • Photography


Graphic / Web Designer

Apr 2010 - Nov 2011

Lufa Farms logo

I learned how to code by working on HTML email. Before that everything I had done was in Dreamweaver or Flash.I started as an email designer but eventually began designing small websites and custom themes for blogs.

  • Design of promotional materials
  • Website design using WordPress
  • HTML E-mail design
  • Photography


Job related things I'm pretty good at...

Best at:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • InDesign

Good at:

  • Wordpress
  • HTML / CSS
  • After Effects


  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • PHP

Other useful skills...

  • Trilingual - English, French, Spanish
  • Illustration
  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Product / studio photography


Concordia University

Present | Design + Computation Arts

Extremely Part Time. Taking a few courses per semester to complete my degree within the next decade or so. So far I've covered product design, graphic design, 3D modelling, new media philosophy. I've built a small work table and a wooden sculpture that has since become a cat tree for my adorable cat.

Nova Scotia Community College

2004 | Graphic Design

This diploma focused on design process and management, design history, typography, digital imaging, editorial design, branding and professional graphic design practice, while developing and producing professional, visual communication pieces, working in a studio environment.


UI/UX Case Study

Technical Specs Online Tool

We set out to create an in-house customized solution that would standardize the documents and minimize the errors.

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